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Droles de petites betes

Directed by: Arnaud Bouron, Antoon Krings

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Movie poster Co w trawie piszczy
Original title: Droles de petites betes
Runtime: 88 min.
Production: Francja/Luksemburg , 2017
Category: animation / adventure / comedy
Release Date: 20 July 2018
Distribution: Monolith

Directed by: Arnaud Bouron, Antoon Krings
Cast: Ryan Nicolls

A colorful animated and humorous comedy about the fact that even the smallest heroes can experience the greatest adventures!

The story of an unruly grasshopper who has to prove to his new friends and beloved bee that he is not the kind of kiddie they want him to.

Grasshopper Tonic is a real chink. He travels the world in leaps, nowhere to warm up the space. One day he goes to a meadow so beautiful that he decides to stay here longer. Especially that he was caught in the eye of the charming and good Queen of the Daisy Bees. In love with a grasshopper, he is ready for everything, so that the inhabitants of the meadow will recognize him as a good friend and even a friend. Unfortunately, without knowing the local "systems", one can wrap up the cunning axes and instead of becoming a friend, despite his will, he deserves to be called the enemy of the meadow. However, Tonic does not give in to a tentacle to lead and instead of giving up and turning into the world, he decides to repair his mistakes, defend the meadow from the hornet army and deserve the queen's heart.

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Movie trailer: Droles de petites betes

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