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25 August 2017

Film 13950 small 1
American Made
Directed by: Doug Liman
Cast: Tom Cruise, Jayma Mays, Sarah Wright
Category: action / biography / comedy

The film tells a real story. In this sensational drama, Tom Cruise embodies the character of Barry Seal, a man with a biography that could cover a few people. At the age of fifteen, he was a pilot, one... more

Film 13951 small 2
Sage femme
Directed by: Martin Provost
Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Catherine Frot, Olivier Gourmet
Category: drama

Claire, a single mother in her 50s, leads a boring, monotonous life. Each next day is no different from the previous one. Everything changes as the heroine calls Beatrice, a seventy-year-old woman who a... more

Film 13952 small 2
Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen
Directed by: Rasmus A. Sivertsen
Cast: Nils Jorgen Kaalstad, Frank Kjosas, Stig Henrik Hoff
Category: animation / family / musical

Zwierzolas is home to many small creatures: mice, squirrels, birds. They do not always feel safe in it - they must be careful not to be eaten by bigger and stronger predators. Especially fierce is... more

Film 13953 small 2
L'amant double
Directed by: Francois Ozon
Cast: Marine Vacth, Jeremie Renier, Jacqueline Bisset
Category: drama / romance / thriller

Do not be fooled into appearances.

"Double Lover" is a perfect sensual thriller, where the creators of "The Basin", "Young and Beautiful" and "5 × 2" return in peak form and take a perverse game with... more

Film 13954 small 2
Directed by: Lars Klevberg
Cast: Madelaine Petsch, Kathryn Prescott, Grace Zabriskie
Category: horror

Teenager Bird Fitcher buys a mysterious camera in the antique shop. Polaroid's glory days are over, but it's still good. A group of friends recognize him as a great gadget for the upcoming party, but... more

Film 13955 small 2
Mon poussin
Directed by: Frederic Forestier
Cast: Pierre-Francois Martin-Laval, Isabelle Nanty, Thomas Soliveres
Category: comedy

Vincent's parents treat him like a little boy, despite being 18 years old. When their son is abandoned by his first, great love and falls into black despair, they decide to take matters into their own... more

Film 13888 small 1
Directed by: Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov
Cast: Stefan Denolyubov, Margita Gosheva, Ana Bratoeva
Category: drama

Tzanko is a recluse, a gray railroad worker whose life is a collision of overwhelming monotony, marauding and unnatural. One day he finds a lot of money at the station, which he honestly decides to give... more

1 September 2017

8 September 2017

No film image small
Directed by: Ulrich Seidl

Holiday movie about killing and human nature

Ulrich Seidl returns to Africa - last time he was here, realizing the memorable story "Paradise: Love" about the sexture of older white women. This time he... more


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