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Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Directed by: Martin McDonagh

Cinema program "Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri" in Kraków

Cinema   Thursday, 22 February
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Agrafka 15:15 ticket 20:00 ticket
ARS: Aneks 21:15 ticket
ARS: Reduta 16:30 ticket
Cinema City Bonarka 2d 12:30 ticket 17:10 ticket 20:00 ticket 22:30 ticket
Cinema City Galeria Kazimierz 2d 12:40 ticket 18:10 ticket
Cinema City Plaza 2d 19:20 ticket
Cinema City Zakopianka 2d 19:10 ticket
Galeria Bronowice Mikro 19:40 ticket
Kijów.Centrum 11:30 15:45
Kino Pod Baranami 19:05 ticket 21:15 ticket
Kino Pod Baranami w MOS 14:45 ticket
Multikino 18:20 ticket 20:55 ticket
Paradox 18:15
Sfinks 17:00 ticket
Movie poster Trzy billboardy za Ebbing, Missouri
Original title: Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri
Runtime: 115 min.
Production: USA/Wlk. Brytania , 2017
Category: crime / drama
Release Date: 2 February 2018
Distribution: Imperial Cinepix

Directed by: Martin McDonagh
Cast: Peter Dinklage, Caleb Landry Jones, Sam Rockwell

Awarded 7 Oscar nominations, 4 Golden Globes, 9 nominations for the British Film Academy Awards (BAFTA) and the Audience Award at the Camerimage Festival in Bydgoszcz and the screenplay at the Venice Film Festival 2017, a dark comedy drama directed by Oscar-winning Martin McDonagh ("Shoot first, then visit "). A small town in the American province. Mildred Hayes (Oscar-winning Frances McDormand) was murdered for several months, and the local police still did not get on the trail of the perpetrator. A determined woman decides to make a bold move: she hires three advertising boards on the road leading to the town and puts on them a provocative message directed to the local police chief, Sheriff William Willoughby (Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson). When the deputy sheriff enters the action, Constable Dixon (Sam Rockwell) - an unbalanced, impetuous sissy who is accused of a passion for violence - a clash between Mildred Hayes and the local law enforcement forces turns into an open war. In other roles: Abbie Cornish, Peter Dinklage, John Hawkes and Lucas Hedges.

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Average rate: 8.0
rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0
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Movie trailer: Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Your comments

kotdziwak 15. February 2018, 11:56

Doskonały. Trzeba zobaczyć.

Mar 11. February 2018, 20:17

Ten film koniecznie trzeba zobaczyć , chodziażby dla samych dialogów,

Ewa 11. February 2018, 13:34

znakomity film. Nie uznałabym go tylko za komedię. To poważne kino, czasem wręcz dołujące, nawet jeśli dialogi bywają zabawne.

Marek 9. February 2018, 13:06

Bardzo dobry film, dobrze zagrany. Fajnie pokazany wewnętrzny gniew, który tylko szuka pretekstu żeby znaleźć ujście.

Małgosia 8. February 2018, 20:39

Rewelacja, koniecznie

Jovanna 5. February 2018, 22:23

Niesamowity film.W klimacie Menchaster by the sea.Rewelacja.

Eva 5. February 2018, 16:33

Wspaniały , mądry i rewelcyjnie zagrany film.
Polecam gorąco.

Ask 5. February 2018, 1:03

Wspanialy film,taki przewrotny

Iza 26. January 2018, 11:28

świetny film, polecam

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