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Deliver Us from Evil

Directed by: Scott Derrickson

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Movie poster Zbaw nas ode złego
Original title: Deliver Us from Evil
Runtime: 118 min.
Production: USA , 2014
Category: crime / horror / thriller
Release Date: 4 July 2014
Distribution: UIP

Directed by: Scott Derrickson
Cast: Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, Olivia Munn

The year 2010. Palm grove in the Iraqi desert. Three set into battle U.S. Marines ventures into a mysterious underground bunker, unaware that they can wait there something even more terrifying than the battle that had just left the ...
Four years later ... in a New York zoo mother, acting as if under hypnosis unexpectedly throws their child to the lair of lions, while admirable, hooded figure looms near ...
... Eerie noises from the basement and other paranormal phenomena dreaded living in the middle of a densely populated city of the family ...
... In several different areas are discovered strange symbols and starołacińskie texts, giving the field of speculation, which are perhaps too frightening to discover them ...
Are all these events is a coincidence? Are they just a figment? What is the key to the phenomena that take place in distant corners of the thousands of kilometers of land?
NYPD Sergeant Ralph Sarchi (ERIC BANA) has already seen many a duty in the southern region of the Bronx. Attached to the station in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, Sarchi witnessed such inhuman behavior that could not be it does not reflect on his psyche. Heavy work experience also cast a shadow over his relationship with his wife, Jen (OLIVIA MUNN) and their small daughter Christina (LULU WILSON).
But when more and more experiencing emotional difficulties Sarchi is called to investigate the bizarre incident, event, which will become the beginning make pragmatic so far in its approach Sarchi will have to confront their own internal beliefs and faith. In the confrontation that will play a role Joe Mendoza (EDGAR RAMÍREZ), a renegade priest whose faith often been severely tested. It was Mendoza will try to convince skeptical in their approach Sarchiego that more and more terrifying events is nothing but increasing with the increasing power of obsession.
By joining forces, the policeman and the priest will attempt to discover evidence of the existence of what Mendoza calls the evil of the original. In this situation, Sarchi will be forced to question their values ​​and beliefs, while making the fight against the evil that threatens not only the residents of the city, but also his own family.

Average rate: 6.0
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Movie trailer: Deliver Us from Evil

Your comments

santi 14. September 2014, 10:56

Super film polecam

ktoś 19. August 2014, 22:02

Ateiści nie powinni na to chodzić, chyba że lubią być nawracani na siłę. Albo lubią się śmiać na horrorach.

Aro 8. July 2014, 10:47

Właśnie wróciłem z seansu i jestem bardzo zadowolony :)

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