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Rambo 5: Last Blood

Directed by: Adrian Grunberg

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Movie poster Rambo: Ostatnia krew
Original title: Rambo 5: Last Blood
Runtime: 89 min.
Production: USA , 2019
Release Date: 20 September 2019
Distribution: Monolith

Directed by: Adrian Grunberg
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega, Louis Mandylor

The action movie legend, the indestructible Sylvester Stallone returns as John Rambo, the hero who made him immortal.

It's time to face the past.

John Rambo reaches for a bottle more often than he does today. She is looking for an escape from recurring memories of old fights and lost loved ones. However, when his friend's daughter is abducted, John will have to fight for the last time. It will soon become clear that the hijackers did not accidentally choose a victim. Their real goal is him, John Rambo, with whom they have to compensate old bills. They do not understand that the most difficult opponent is the one who has nothing to lose. They were the first to shed blood. He will do it last.

Action cinema for real tough guys.

Average rate: 8.0
rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0
25 votes. | Rate movie
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Movie trailer: Rambo 5: Last Blood

Your comments

ksw 13. October 2019, 19:37

dieczka dobra ostatnie 30 minut

dromar 25. September 2019, 8:52

Super film, prawdziwe amerykańskie kino, dobra akcja i momenty wzruszeń, nie wiem,czy nie najlepszy z czterech ukazujących historię komandosa.... Dla ludzi o mocnych nerwach.Stallone tak jak Clint Eastwood, im starszy , tym lepszy...

MARIO 23. September 2019, 13:23


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