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Stars by the Pound

100 kilos d'etoiles
Directed by: Marie-Sophie Chambon

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Movie poster 100 kilo do gwiazd
Original title: 100 kilos d'etoiles
Runtime: 88 min.
Production: Francja , 2018
Release Date: 8 November 2019
Distribution: Bomba Film

Directed by: Marie-Sophie Chambon
Cast: Philippe Rebbot, Isabelle de Hertogh, Elise Havelange

16-year-old Lois has only one dream since childhood: fly to space ... leave Earth where she feels so alien. The girl has a talent for mathematics and physics, but there is a problem destroying these dreams: Lois weighs 100 kilograms ... The girl does not cope with the situation and soon ends up in a youth center with problems. There she meets Amélie, Stanna and Justine, three teenage girls who, like her, are ready to do anything to fly into space ...

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