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25 lat niewinności. Sprawa Tomka Komendy

Directed by: Jan Holoubek

Cinema program "25 lat niewinności. Sprawa Tomka Komendy" in Kraków

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Movie poster 25 lat niewinności. Sprawa Tomka Komendy
Original title: 25 lat niewinności. Sprawa Tomka Komendy
Runtime: 112 min.
Production: Polska , 2020
Release Date: 18 September 2020
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Jan Holoubek
Cast: Piotr Trojan, Agata Kulesza, Jan Frycz

"25 years of innocence. Tomek Komenda's Case ”- Jan Holoubek's directorial debut - is a moving sensational drama based on real events that lived in the whole of Poland. It is a fictional story about the life of Tomasz Komenda - a young man wrongly sentenced to 25 years in prison for rape and murder of a teenager. The filmmakers make an attempt to find answers to the questions that still bother everyone today. How could this have happened? Why did an innocent man have to wait 18 years in a cell for justice?

Tomasz Komenda was 23 years old when his normal life was brutally interrupted. Overnight, he was arrested, thrown into prison and charged with murder. Subsequent expert opinions confirmed his participation in the crime, and all the evidence was against him. During nearly two decades of imprisonment, he was beaten, intimidated, humiliated and on his own. Finally, after 18 years of imprisonment, prosecutors and a policeman appeared on his way, who decided to discover the truth behind the mysterious case of the detainee.

The story of Tomasz Komenda was the subject of the famous TVN report by Grzegorz Głuszak, awarded with the MediaTory award. According to the research conducted by Wirtualna Polska, as many as 89% of Poles heard about the case of an unjustly imprisoned man and to this day it is considered one of the most infamous pages in the history of the Polish judiciary. "25 years of innocence. The case of Tomek Komenda ”is a moving story about the steadfastness of the human spirit, perseverance and the strength that lies in the family. A story full of tension and strong, expressive characters, created according to the best Western models. Showing unknown plots and shedding new light on the events that led to Command's conviction and acquittal.

Behind the film's camera stood Jan Holoubek - winner of the Grand Prix of the "Młodzi i Film" festival, author of the famous and popular series "Rojst". The excellent cast is co-created by winners of prestigious Polish film awards, including: Agata Kulesza, Jan Frycz, Andrzej Konopka, Magdalena Różczka and Dariusz Chojnacki. The role of Tomasz Komenda was played by the extremely talented Piotr Trojan, who has participated in such productions as "Chce się życia" or the series "Pułapka".

Pictures for production were shot in Wrocław, Warsaw and the surrounding area, as well as Wałbrzych and Zabrze. The film "25 years of innocence. The case of Tomek Komenda ”was created with the commitment and full support of Tomasz Komenda and his family.

I agreed to this film because I have a lot of trust in its creators. I know they will not do anything against me and that they will show the whole truth in the film - from the first to the last minute. Zero falsehood. I want people to see what really happened to me. Cautionary. Because this story could happen to anyone, and as it happened to me, well ... I live with my head held high. I'm free. I feel like I was born a second time. Tomasz Komenda

Reading the script made me very angry and helpless. Why didn't anyone do anything then? Why did all this happen at all? The finale, in turn, is a great emotion, unchanged with each subsequent version of the text. I am convinced that viewers will share these emotions. Piotr Trojan, an impersonator of the role of Tomasz Komenda

The true story of Tomek Komenda shows that even the most drastic experiences cannot kill love, hope and faith in a change of fate. The film tells about the most important things in a moving way. Anna Waśniewska-Gill, producer

Almost everyone knows that Tomek Komenda served 18 years for a crime he did not commit. On the other hand, hardly anyone knows about the backstage of the case and the three heroes who risked almost everything and pulled him out of the prison hell. The story of Tomek in a broader context teaches that even if we get into the greatest trouble in life, the situation seems to be absolutely impossible, there is always a possibility that someone will appear who will extend his hand to us. I would like our film to give hope to all those who think that there is no more chance for them. Jan Holoubek, director

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Aneta 30. September 2020, 19:17

Uważam że film warto obejrzeć. Historia przedstawiona musi zobaczyć swiat i ludzie. Mój mąż uwaza ze film troszkę się ciągnął. No tak nie było pościgów, akcji, strzelania. Ja byłam bardzo wzruszona. Prawdziwa historia prawdziwego człowieka.

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