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The Whiskey Bandit

A Viszkis
Directed by: Nimrod Antal

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Movie poster Węgierska robota
Original title: A Viszkis
Runtime: 126 min.
Production: Węgry , 2017
Category: action / adventure / biography
Release Date: 3 August 2018
Distribution: Bomba Film

Directed by: Nimrod Antal
Cast: Bence Szalay, Zoltan Schneider, Viktor Klem

A ballad about the colorful life of a Hungarian who, at the age of 30, became a national hero. Attila Ambrus took on various professions to finally become the country's best-known criminal. When, from 1993, he started attacking banks, the public quickly named him "the burglar of a gentleman." Attila was always polite and kind, he never shed a drop of blood, he often went into a bank with flowers, and after a successful robbery he sent champagne to the policemen who were chasing him. He disappeared from the banks quickly, leaving behind a scarcely perceptible scent of whiskey. In Hungary, in times of difficult transformations and the construction of capitalism, he openly challenged the law and gained the nickname "Robina Hood of the Eastern Bloc." The latest film by the director of "Controllers" (audience award at the WFF 2004).

Description: Warsaw Film Festival

Average rate: 5.0
rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0
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