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Katarzyna Warnke - filmography

23 February 2018

Film 15600 small 1
Kobiety mafii
Directed by: Patryk Vega
Cast: Aleksandra Popławska, Olga Bołądź, Agnieszka Dygant, Katarzyna Warnke
Category: action / crime / drama

The creator of the Pitbull and Botox superhites, Patryk Vega, hits again! "Women of mafia" - a new work by one of the most popular contemporary Polish directors, is a deep insight into the depths of the... more

20 October 2017

Film 14059 small 1
Ach śpij kochanie
Directed by: Krzysztof Lang
Cast: Karolina Gruszka, Tomasz Schuchardt, Andrzej Chyra, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Katarzyna Warnke
Category: crime / thriller

Pleasure of Polish cinema stars in Osnutym on the facts of the thriller about love, which leads to the crime.

For several years people have been disappearing in Cracow and its surroundings. A total of... more

29 September 2017

Film 14013 small 1
Directed by: Patryk Vega
Cast: Olga Bołądź, Agnieszka Dygant, Katarzyna Warnke
Category: action / drama / thriller

Patryk Vega, the creator of the most recent box office hits of recent years, presents an uncompromising blow to Polish health care. In this movie, no scene is invented. New work by the author of "Special... more

17 June 2016

Film 10858 small 1
W spirali
Directed by: Konrad Aksinowicz
Cast: Katarzyna Warnke, Piotr Stramowski, Tamir Halperin
Category: drama

Tour of the city, which is to be a cleansing for poturbowanej by marital troubles steam turns into a dangerous game characters, we boarded the car take the eccentric traveler Tamira. Tamir is a witness... more

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