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Minding the Gap

Directed by: Bing Liu

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Movie poster Jutro albo pojutrze
Original title: Minding the Gap
Runtime: 93 min.
Production: USA , 2018
Category: documentary
Release Date: 5 April 2019
Distribution: Against Gravity

Directed by: Bing Liu
Cast: Kiere Johnson, Bing Liu, Zack Mulligan

The protagonists of the film are three friends: Zack, Keire and Bing, who in Rockford, Illinois spend their free time skateboarding around the city and partying. The theme "Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow" is the growing up of these three young men. Behind the camera stood one of them - Bing Liu.

"Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow" was created spontaneously as a pure registration of the everyday life of skateboarders who are friends with each other, but the result is a moving record of their growing up. Zack unexpectedly becomes a father, and Keire gets his first job and struggles with the problem of racial identity and his father's death. Bing has long conversations with her mother who, as a Chinese emigrant after a traumatic marriage, can not find herself in American society. "Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow" is an intimate and sincere look of a young man on the process of growing up and dealing with unbridled youth.

"Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow" was nominated for an Oscar and was on the list of the best films of 2018 according to Barack Obama. He also liked the viewers of the 15th edition of the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival, where he won four awards: Bank Millennium Prize - Grand Prix, Documentary Award of Warsaw (audience award), Lower Silesia Grand Prix - Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodship Award and Bydgoszcz ART.DOC Award .

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