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Directed by: Chang-dong Lee

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Movie poster Płomienie
Original title: Beoning
Runtime: 148 min.
Production: Korea Płd. , 2018
Category: drama / mystery
Release Date: 28 December 2018
Distribution: Aurora Films

Directed by: Chang-dong Lee
Cast: Ah-In Yoo, Steven Yeun, Jong-seo Jeon

Korean candidate for OSCAR 2019 in the category of Best Foreign Language Film is a new film by renowned Korean director Chang-dong Lee, who returned from retirement specifically for this project.

One of the main roles is the star of the series "The Walking Dead" - Steven Yeun.

The film was presented in the Main Competition of the 71st IFF Cannes, where it received the FIPRESCI award. He was the most-rated film in the history of the festival Screen Daily by critics and received 3.8 points out of 4 possible.

The script is a loose adaptation of Haruta Murakami's story "Burning the Barn". The film is also a nod to William Faulkner, who in 1939 also wrote a story entitled "Burning the Barn." The director, along with co-screenwriter Jung-mi Ohem, with whom he usually works, wove into this seemingly simple story of many different subtexts and subtle allusions to both stories.

Jong-soo lives in odd jobs in the Paju town near the Korean Demilitarized Zone. One day he meets Hae, a former classmate. They go for a drink, where Hae-mi confesses that she liked Jong-soo when she was younger, but he always ignored her.

The girl tells a friend about her close travel plans to Africa and asks him to feed the cat when she is gone. The next day the couple meet in the Hae apartment, which ends with passionate sex. Soon after, Hae leaves, and Jong-soo, who is in love, has plans for a future together.

A few weeks later, Jong-soo receives a phone call from Hae, who got stuck for three days at the airport in Nairobi due to a terrorist alarm. The girl asks the boy to pick her up from the airport the next day.

At Hae-mi, he appears in the company of rich Ben who she met in Kenya. After Ben picks up the Porsche, and Hae-mi chooses the upcoming auto instead of the dirty Jong-soo truck.

To appease the uncomfortable situation, Ben invites Hae and Jong-soo for dinner. In the designer apartment of a new friend Jong-soo in private, he expresses Hae's doubts about Ben's intentions ...


OSCARY 2019 - Korean candidate for OSCAR 2019 in the Best Foreign Language Film category - shortlist
2018 - International Film Festival in Cannes - Main Competition, FIPRESCI AWARD, Special Award for the set design "Vulcain de L'Artiste-Technicien"
2018 - ICS Awards - ICS Cannes Award
2018 - Big Bell Awards, Korean equivalent of Oscars - best film (main prize), nominations: best director, best actor in the lead, best supporting actor, best female actor debut, best script, best photos
2018 - Buil Film Awards, South Korea - best director (main prize), best music (main prize), nominations: best film, best actor in the foreground, best supporting actor, best female actor debut, best script, best photos
2018 - ADAN International Film Festival - the best foreign film (main prize)
2018 - Manaki Brothers International Festival of Screenwriters - Golden Camera 300 (main prize)
2018 - International Film Festival in Adelaide - the best foreign film (nomination)
2018 - International Film Festival in Haifa - the best foreign film (nomination)
2018 - International Film Festival in Munich - the best foreign film (nomination)
2018 - Catalan International Film Festival in Sitges - Main Competition
2018 - World Cinema Film Festival in Amsterdam - Main Competition
2018 - International Film Festival NEW HORIZONS
2018 - TWO RIVERSIDES Film and Art Festival

Average rate: 9.0
rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0
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Movie trailer: Beoning

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